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Leavenworth is beautiful no matter what the time of year. The warmer summer temperatures guarantee summer swimming and boating activities while cold winter temperatures are perfect for snowboarding and skiing.

What is the weather like in the summer?

Leavenworth weather in the summer is generally much warmer than locations like Seattle that are west of the mountains. You can expect temperatures to be in the high 80s with very low chances of rainfall. It is generally very sunny during this time of year so bring sunblock and bathing suites.

What is the weather like in the fall?

Fall time Leavenworth Washington weather is crisp and refreshing. It is generally in the 60s and low 70s with plenty of sunshine. There is also little chance of rain during this time of year, so you’ll need light jackets for the daytime and something a little warmer for the evenings and early mornings.

What is the weather like in the winter?

Winter in Leavenworth is colder than in places west of the mountains. With temperatures in low 40s and 30s, you can expect rainfall—which is at highest in January—to possibly turn into snow. Bring warm clothes, water resistant jackets, and your ski gear.

What is the weather like in the spring?

Springtime Leavenworth WA weather varies. The temperatures can range from a chilly 50 degrees to a warmer 70 degrees. Again, there is low chance of rainfall but you do want to be prepared for cold and warm weather. Bring lots of layers, good shoes, and warm jackets for the nights.

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