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Ice Age Floods

A driving tour of the Washington landscapes that were formed by Washington Ice Age Floods and worldwide floods can help you appreciate the time it took for these landscapes to form. Read More

When was the Ice Age Flood?

The Ice Age Flood occurred approximately 17,000 years ago when the Earth was covered in glaciers.

Where did the Ice Age Flood take place?

The entire Earth was flooded after the dam holding the glacier water broke. This caused floods all over the world including Missoula Floods and Columbia River Floods.

What caused the Ice Age Flood?

All of the flooding was caused by a break in the dam system that was holding back the melting glacier waters. The water pressure most likely became too much and the dam burst, allowing millions of gallons of water to pour throughout the Earth.

What else should I know about the Ice Age Floods?

After the dam tore, the water flooding over the Earth was so powerful that it began to break up the terrain and rip large pieces of rocks away from the ground. The water then carried these pieces of landmasses to different places where they eventually landed after the floodwaters subsided. It is believed that this event happened numerous times, continually changing the landscape and formation of the Earth.

Where can I learn about the Ice Age Flood?

You can go on a self-guided driving tour of the landscape that is the result of the Ice Age Flood around Central Washington. A guide brochure for this driving tour can be picked up at the Leavenworth Visitors Center. You can call the visitors center at (509) 548-5807 or e-mail them at info@leavenworth.org.