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Leavenworth Summer Theater

The Leavenworth, WA Summer Theater combines the town’s natural beauty with a fantastic experience of the arts. The theater is known for it’s high quality productions, fabulous cast, and intimate amphitheaters. Read More

When is the Leavenworth Summer Theater?

The Leavenworth Summer Theater, in spite of its name, is hosted year round. Different shows are put on at different times of the year. There is always a show available to enjoy no matter what time of the year you visit.

Where is the Leavenworth Summer Theater?

The Leavenworth Theater has three different locations around town: 

  • Leavenworth Ski Amphitheater is located at 10698 Ski Hill Dr 
  • Hatchery Park Amphitheater is located at 7919 E Leavenworth Rd 
  • Leavenworth Festhalle Amphitheater is located at 1001 Front St

How much does the Leavenworth, WA Summer Theater cost?

Tickets range in price from $14-$32 for non-patrons depending on the section and the theater location. For more information visit www.leavenworthsummertheater.org.

What else should I know about the Leavenworth Summer Theater?

The theater was originally opened in 1995 by the Wagners. The Sound of Music was the first play to show and has continued to be included in each year’s roster because of its popularity. The Leavenworth Summer Theater is the biggest theater between Seattle and Spokane, with approximately 20,000 people expected to visit this year.

Each of the amphitheaters is outside so guests should be fully prepared for all kinds of weather. During the summer and winter, please be sure to wear lots of layers, bring extra jackets or blankets because the nighttime mountain air is very chilly.

Each of the amphitheaters is wonderfully intimate, giving each patron a clear view of the stage. This also means that tickets sell out quickly, so be sure to purchase yours as soon as possible.