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Mission Ridge Summer Activities

While it may not be the first thing to come to mind, Mission Ridge Resort Summer activities are a great way to escape and enjoy nature, even if there isn’t any powder involved. Read More

What sort of activities can I enjoy at Mission Ridge during the summer?

Mission Ridge Resort is unable to offer officially sponsored summer activities due to permit restrictions. However, the forest and mountain are open to the public for great Mission Ridge Resort summer vacations.

As is well known, the Cascade Mountains have beautiful hiking trails. Get out and explore the terrain that is normally buried underneath white powder by embarking on the Mission Ridge Trail.

Mountain Bike Trails
Just because there’s no snow doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Bring your bike and set out on one of the many mountain bike trails such as the Devils Gulch Trail or the Mission Ridge Bike Trail. It’ll keep you in good shape until the wintertime.

Mission Ridge Resort
Mission Ridge Resort is available for renting for events like meetings or weddings. It has a large room that can accommodate many guests, but there are no sleeping accommodations available at the resort. The restaurant is also closed during the summertime.