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Entiat offers a plethora of activities with its sunny climate, historical background, and outdoor parks. Fine more Entiat information listed below.

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Why should I visit Entiat?

Nestled in its beautiful location on Lake Entiat at the confluence of the Columbia and Entiat Rivers, the city of Entiat WA is an outdoorsman’s paradise.

Where is Entiat?

About 30 miles northeast of Leavenworth, Entiat Washington is most easily reached by taking US 2 East, then taking 97a north.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Entiat offer?

Lodging facilities in Entiat include resorts, campgrounds, lodges and inns. Local restaurants feature a variety of flavor palettes to appeal to your taste buds.

What can I do or see in Entiat?

Rainbow Gardens: At Rainbow Gardens and Kiwanis Park you will find budding flowers and sports fields to practice you soccer kick or play kickball with your family.

Entiat Museum: The Entiat Museum and Fish Hatchery provides information on the history of local area and wildlife. You can help protect the Entiat environment by brushing up on a little local education.

Entiat River Loop: If you are into backpacking, a great area to explore is the Entiat River Loop. This 35-mile trail is open from mid-July to early October and can take 4-7 days to get through. You’ll see the Entiat Meadows, wildlife, and 8,000 feet in elevation gain.