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While it may be a small town, Peshastin’s close location to Leavenworth and historical roots make it an interesting excursion for visitors to learn more about the local area and visit a true small, mountain town. Read More

Why should I visit Peshastin?

Peshastin WA truly embodies the small town atmosphere with annual events like community pet parade and ice cream social. There are not many towns left where the whole community gathers to enjoy chocolate fudge Sundays.

Where is Peshastin?

Located a mere six miles from Leavenworth, Peshastin Washington is a fun little half-day trip. Take US 2 East right to Peshastin.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Peshastin offer?

Peshastin is known for having a few small B&B’s and motels for lodging. Their dining services include small cafes, farms and harvest stores, and Mom & Pop restaurants.

What can I do or see in Peshastin? 

  • You can visit the railroad that Peshastin was built around and learn how the community has grown and developed over time. 
  • Peshastin is also known for having a beautiful, historical cemetery located just outside of town. The people of Peshastin are proud of their history and seek to keep it alive by maintaining such monuments as these.