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When you visit Chelan, you’ll understand why Washingtonians love this quaint town on the lake. It has shopping, outdoor activities, beautiful scenery, and a small town feel.

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Why should I visit Chelan?

Chelan WA is known by local Washingtonians as one of the prettiest towns in the area. Located in the North Cascades National Forest, Chelan has something to offer every type of person.

Where is Chelan?

Located about 55 miles northeast of Leavenworth, Chelan offers a completely different atmosphere.

What sort of Services and Amenities does Chelan offer?

Lodging in Chelan Washington varies from small B&B’s to fancy resorts. The local restaurants specialize in country style cooking with fresh ingredients.

What can I do or see in Chelan?

During the summertime, Chelan is filled with people who are enjoying the beautiful weather and Lake Chelan activities. The town offers visitors the chance to enjoy local wineries, go golfing, skiing, and snowboarding, or explore the local shopping scene.