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North Cascades National Park

With land that covers hundreds of glaciers, lakes, forests, and summits, the North Cascades National Park offers visitors the chance to explore a variety of terrain at their own pace.

  • Hire a guide to take you on a llama tour through the Washington North Cascades National Park 
  • Embark on a day hike or pack a backpack for a several day excursion through the majestic forests 
  • Saddle up your favorite horse or mule to cart you through the varying terrain of the park

What can I see and do at the North Cascades National Park? 

  • Guided Tours: Several companies offer guided rafting, climbing, hiking, horseback, llama, and backpacking tours through the North Cascades National Park. You can also enjoy a ranger-led tour during the summer and by appointment at other times of year. 
  • Camping: Camping accommodations in the North Cascades National Park Washington vary from boat accessible sites to car camping. Boat-in camping sites include Green Point, Cougar Island, Weaver Point, Manly Wham, Buster Brown, and Hidden Cove. There are 140 backcountry campsites available throughout the park and 5 car accessible campsites including Goddel Creek campground and Gorge Lake Campground. 
  • Hiking: Hiking in the park includes day hikes, backpacking trails, and backpacking loop trails. A few of these include Agnes Gorge, Fourth of July, Horseshoe Basin, and Fisher Creek. 
  • Climbing: The numerous summits and glaciers that are scattered throughout the North Cascades National Park WA give climbers practically unlimited options in terms of climbable surfaces. Most of these climbing areas are found deep in the park after hours of strenuous hiking. 
  • Horseback Riding: Several of the most popular trails in the area include Bridge Creek, East Bank Trail, Big Beaver Trail, and Thunder Creek Trail. You will need to be prepared with the proper backcountry permits if you are embarking on an overnight trip and be aware of how to minimize your impact on the environment while you ride.

Where is the North Cascades National Park?

The North Cascades National Park is located 165 miles northwest of Leavenworth. Take US 2 W and merge onto I-5 N/Vancouver B.C. before turning right onto WA 20 toward Burlington.

How much does visiting the North Cascades National Park cost?

There is no entrance fee for the North Cascades National Park. There are fees and permits required for overnight camping, backpacking, and some trails.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

For general trip planning questions call (360) 854-7200 or for hiking and backpacking information call (360) 854-7245.