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Cascade Loop Scenic Highway

Whether you have eight hours or one hour, the Cascade Loop Highway has plenty of options for you to enjoy a quiet scenic drive through the varying Washington terrain.

  • Most likely, if there is a section of Washington that you want to drive through, the Cascade Loop Highway travels through it. Hop on and off as your needs dictate. 
  • Explore a variety of Washington landscape on the Cascade Loop scenic highway from island towns to valley wineries. 
  • Think of this drive as a type of path through nature where you will find friendly towns, comfortable lodging, and delicious northwest cuisine.

Why should I drive the Cascade Loop Highway?

One of the greatest aspects of the Cascade Loop Washington is the diverse landscape that it covers. It will take you through mountains, valleys, deserts, and islands. Depending on what type of drive you are wanting, you can choose whatever section of the road that sounds best to you.

Where does the Cascade Loop Highway begin and end?

The Washington Cascade Loop extends a grand total of 440 miles, beginning 28 miles north of Seattle and traveling through the North Cascades, along the Columbia River, past Lake Chelan, through the North Cascades National Park, and into Puget Sound. Officially speaking, it begins in Everett and ends on Whidbey Island.

How long does the Cascade Loop Highway take to drive?

Driving the entire loop in one day would be quite a feat that would take about 8 hours. However, you can tailor the drive to suite your desires and time constraints.