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Lake Wenatchee Loop

This direct and easy-to-follow scenic drive combines a quiet scenic drive with the beauty of the Wenatchee National Forest and the serene qualities of Lake Wenatchee. Read More

  • Drive around the Lake Wenatchee area and through the Wenatchee National Forest to see some of the most beautiful wooded areas in Washington 
  • Combine two and four wheels together when you bring your road bike and cycle either White River Road or Little Wenatchee Road 
  • During the summer time, stop at Lake Wenatchee for a refreshing dip

Why should I drive the Lake Wenatchee Loop?

The Lake Wenatchee Loop takes you out of Leavenworth through the magnificent Wenatchee National Forest, around Lake Wenatchee and back to home base. It is an easy loop to follow to enjoy the natural beauty of the Leavenworth area.

Where does the Lake Wenatchee Loop begin and end?

Starting from Leavenworth, the Lake Wenatchee Loop Washington follows US 2 W up to WA 207 N as it turns into the Lake Wenatchee Highway.

How long does the Lake Wenatchee Loop take to drive?

If you choose to follow it all the way around and back to Leavenworth, the Lake Wenatchee Loop WA will take you about an hour and a half to drive the approximate 80 miles. There are two other roads that branch off from Lake Wenatchee Highway, White River Road and Little Wenatchee Road, that will add some extra time to your trip if you choose to embark on them.