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Columbia River

The Columbia River feeds all of the natural beauty that surrounds Leavenworth. Revel in the power of the river by enjoying rafting, fishing, or a walk along the river.

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  • Relax in one of the Columbia River alcoves and practice your fishing skills 
  • Walk along the water and enjoy the abundant life that is fed by the Columbia River 
  • During the summer, rent a tube and float down the Columbia River to stay cool

What can I see and do at the Columbia River?

The Columbia River spans the length of Washington, flowing down into Oregon on one side and Idaho on the other. Leavenworth and the surrounding area enjoy the natural beauty of the Columbia River as it flows through town. 

  • Rafting/Floating
    Rent a tube from one of the local Leavenworth businesses and float down the Columbia River as it winds in and out of the Bavarian village. It is a relaxing activity that will keep you cool on a hot summer day. 
  • Fishing
    Columbia River Fishing includes local spots throughout Leavenworth and Wenatchee where the river winds through the towns. Each town has parks such as the Wenatchee Confluence Park where you can find a quiet spot to rest and fish. 
  • Columbia River Gorge
    Locals know this as The Gorge and recommend it as a beautiful area for windsurfing, sailing, camping, and concerts.

Where is the Columbia River?

The Columbia River Washington can be found running into, through, and back out of Leavenworth. As you drive on US-2 you will pass over the river several times.