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Wenatchee River

Only a short distance from Leavenworth, Wenatchee River WA is a tranquil river that flows through the beautiful mountain scenery and offers you the opportunity to fish, float, or frolic.

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  • Combine the excitement of white water rafting with the refined enjoyment of wine on one of the Rafting and Wine Tours 
  • Take some time away from the bustle of life to enjoy the peace and quiet of Wenatchee River fishing for steelhead

What can I see and do at the Wenatchee River?

The Wenatchee River flows out of Lake Wenatchee. Some fun activities include: 

  • Rafting: Most of the rafting trips on the Wenatchee River leave out of Leavenworth or Wenatchee and vary in length. Early spring is the best time to go rafting because of the increased water volume from spring snow melt. This also means that the rapids are classified in a higher class during this time, so keep this in mind when thinking about your group. Some sections of the river include these high-class rapids while others are calmer floating areas. 
  • Wine and Rafting Tours: Is it possible for rafting to be more fun? Add a little wine to the mix and you have yourself a downright party. The Leavenworth wine and rafting tour starts at Kestral Vintners for tasting and then heads to Dryden Dam between Cashmere and Leavenworth for a little water excitement. Return to the Vintners for a few more glasses or a bottle. 
  • Fly Fishing: The Wenatchee River is known for having quality steelhead fly-fishing. The section between Leavenworth and the Columbia River is a perfect place to practice or embark on a guided fly-fishing tour on a slow-moving, floating boat.

Where is the Wenatchee River?

The Wenatchee River Washington flows out of Lake Wenatchee (about 20 minutes North of Leavenworth) down through Leavenworth, Cashmere, and Wenatchee. You will pass over the Wenatchee River several times on your way into and out of town on Highway 2.