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Enchantment Peaks

The Enchantment Peaks are a must see as the 52nd highest point in Washington state. Even if you aren’t particularly attracted to climbing the peaks, viewing them is still a spectacular sensation.

  • Enchantment Peak is the 52nd highest point in Washington 
  • Escape up the Snow Creek Trail for fresh air and camp on Nada Lake to enjoy the glacier water and untouched beauty 
  • If you only have one night, jump into your car for a quick car camping trip

What can I see and do at Enchantment Peak? 

  • Climbing
    The best time to climb the Enchantment Peaks is from May to October. There are actually two separate peaks, a Northeast Summit and Southwest Summit, both of which are climbable. However, the Southwest Summit is very difficult to get to and difficult to climb. From the top of either you are provided with beautiful views of Enchantment lakes. 
  • Camping
    Enjoy camping at Nada Lake or Snow Lake for a relaxing getaway in the Enchantment Peaks Mountain Range. 
  • Car Camping
    Car camping is available at Mile 8 on Icicle Creek Road in Leavenworth, WA and at the Bridge Creek Campground. 
  • Hiking
    Explore the Enchantment Peaks Range on the Snow Creek Trail to see beautiful views of the Enchantment Lakes and the Enchantment Peaks. This way, you can see the peaks without having to defy gravity in an attempt to scale their faces.

Where are the Enchantment Peaks?

The Enchantment Peaks are about 13 miles southwest of Leavenworth. Take Icicle Rd until National Forest Development Rd 7600 to get to the peaks.