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Stuart Range

With its close proximity to Leavenworth, the Stuart Range offers you the chance to feel the granite as you scale one of the climbing routes or fish in one of the lakes fresh glacial waters.

  • Fish at Stuart Lake where the water is full of trout and fed by a glacier 
  • Rock climb at the Mount Stuart West Ridge route where the granite is stable and the views are spectacular 
  • Hike through the Stuart Range forest on the Little Annapurna trail to test your endurance

What can I see and do at the Stuart Range? 

  • Alpine Rock Climbing
    There are three good places for rock climbing in the Stuart Range. Mt. Stuart West Ridge, Girth Pillar, and North Ridge of Mt. Stuart are all made of granite. Mt. Stuart West Ridge is a 5.4 climb, Girth Pillar is a 5.11, and North Ridge is a 5.9. 
  • Hiking Trails
    Beautiful hikes in the Stuart Mountains are Enchantment Lakes (25 miles), Enchantment Peaks (24 miles), Prusik Peak West Ridge (18 miles), Little Annapurna (16 miles), and Colchuck Lake Trail (5 miles). 
  • Fishing
    Stuart Lake is a serene and unvisited lake that sits at 5,600 feet and is about a 5 mile hike to get to. It is 30 acres, filled with trout and has beautiful views of Mt. Stuart and the glacier.

Where is the Stuart Range?

The Stuart Mountain Range is about 20 minutes southwest of Leavenworth.

Who can I call if I have more questions?

For more information please call the Wenatchee River Ranger District at (509) 548-2550.